Our Services

We work with our clients to achieve stunning website design, as well as market your business through social media, SEO, photography and graphic design.

Website Design

Website Design is something very personal to you and your business – we like to get to know our clients first. Find out what you want from your site, discover everything there is to know about your business, your colour scheme, how you want your website to function and who your clients are.


Online Marketing

Now you have a beautiful website in order to have good SEO & create an online presence, you need to constantly update your SEO keywords, your blog, social media, etc… if you’re not sure how to do this, or you simply don’t have the time we’re happy to take over.

Social Media Management

Social Media marketing is vitally important as regular updated now affects your SEO standing, as well as engaging your current, past and potential clients into using your business. Posts need to be not only engaging, but have a long-term strategic plan.


Graphic Design

We can help create a brand identity from your business; from logo design through to PR and marketing, flyers, business cards and the visual appearance of your social media. It all needs to be cohesive and look beautiful.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is now a vital factor in having an online business – people need to be able to find you easily! But it’s more than just how your website ranks in Google, it’s everything from how fast your site is, what keywords you’re using, how often your website is updated as well as other elements such as backlinks and social profiles.



Photography should be seen as a vital part of your business branding & marketing. If you want to sell to the largest market (both web and print) then you will need good quality, well-lit, sharp, high-resolution images. High Quality & Modern Photography should be used as a marketing tool, to enhance appearance & drive sales.