Curious Frog Media Website launched

Curious Frog Media Website launched
04 Dec 2017

We’ve now launched Curious Frog Media’s first website!

Curious Frog Media is a Dorset-based Marketing business focusing on creative content, design, public relations and social media marketing. Aiming on making their clients business’ stand out from the crowd.

As Curious Frog is a new company, we had a blank slate to start designing this website. Our objective was create something eye-catching, pushing the viewer towards the call the action; contact us and to incorporate the black & green colourings of the frog mascot.

Luckily for me, Director of Curious Frog, Neil, had worked in the newspaper industry over the past 15 years so did all the writing for me! (…That’s my most dreaded task for website designs)

Since Curious Frog is selling content, we couldn’t leave them without a blog! After all, content is king (check out their first blog post) and one of the easiest and most effective ways to drive traffic, and potential customers, to your website is by having and maintaining your blog.

And lastly, we wrote their on-page SEO to get some good search rankings based on their target audience and location despite how new the business is.

View the site here;




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